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Party time! xD

Jan. 4th, 2009 | 04:53 pm
location: own bedroom
mood: okay okay
music: Still you can scream (NoRelax)

Yay, just what I needed! *-* Yesterday I went to a party at Bebe's house with... well... alone. But I had fun there ^^! His house is soooo big! And with a beautiful european architecture. He had a dance room too! But I didn't danced too much... I met a boy called Diego, he was 24 and told me his birthday is on January 25, he invited me to his birthday's party, so maybe I'll go. I stayed with him during almost all the night... he made me laugh too much, telling me he was gay and boys what he liked, talking about the life, the love, the stars ('cause we went to the garden at 4 a.m.)... and other things like... sex? Drugs? Alcohol?

Whatever, it was a nice night... I returned dorms on the morning, nobody said nothing to me for this... well... Mitsuru and Akihiko aren't here anyway. Now that I'm thinking about it... I didn't tell anything to Junpei... will he be worried about me?... no, surelly not.


This is real... this is me... (8)

Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 05:35 am
location: brother's room
mood: calm calm
music: TV's sound

Yeah, I didn't know 'bout what the hell I could upload here, so, I decided to show you all, my real face. The face of the "human" behind the computer. This is actually my favourite picture about me due I'm playing one of my favourites characters: Alice Cullen. Actually my editions are made on Photoshop (even if I don't know much about how to use it).


Yeah, whatever, I know, I'm the most beautiful girl that your eyes have ever seen :rolleyes:
No, not really, but I think I'm a little bit beautiful, 'cause hey! My mother was making me during nine months! I'll give her proper credits ;D! xD

Well, gotta go, enjoy!

I bet on tomorrow

Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 12:15 am
location: own room
mood: hopeful hopeful
music: Glory of love (Peter Cetera)

Well... a new year came to stay, and whit it new hopes and wishes.

Personally, I can tell that I'm putting all my hopes in this year. Yesterday I decided to finish my relationship, so now I'm free... I must say I'm a little bit sad yet... but I'm feeling so... calm now. I know this is for good, that's why I'm not crying in my bed right now xD.

But... I have a wish from this year... and it is to find my friends... even if I've also founded Stupei~(L) xD... don't misunderstand me! I'm glad to see you again... but you know, I miss the boys (and girls, and dogs, and robots xD).

Anyway, if there's only Junpei who's with me... I'm happy with that!... don't get used...

For you all... I wish you with aaaall my heart... a happy new year!

You're just an idiot...

Dec. 30th, 2008 | 03:57 am
location: Own room
mood: sad sad
music: Koe (Tsukiko Amano)

Never thought I could see me in this state... devastated, scorned, humiliated like a lamb after being eaten by the wolf... oh man, he's the most cruel wolf I've ever seen... and I... I'm the most stupid lamb that could exist.

Why me? Think I'm a good girlfriend, I give him all my love, all the time... but it's never enough. I know that I'm complicated, I'm very mature for my age, and that's difficult to treat. But I'm trying so hard!...

I wish he could love me as the way I am... and not to do as the others, and promise me things like: "I love you as you are!" just to let trying to change myself until I become what they want for me...

But I love him so much... and you know? I could sacrifice EVERYTHING for him... even those things I don't have. Because he loves me too... for sure...

Can I hate men now? Please?

["Yukari" is just having problems with her boyfriend... as always.]


Happy smile hello!

Dec. 29th, 2008 | 05:24 pm
location: Own bedroom
mood: happy happy
music: Kiss kiss kiss (Buono!)

Yeah LJ! I'm so happy! 'Cause today I went to the shopping with Fuuka ^^! My God, that was really funny!

First, we went to Ona Saez and saw lots of beautiful clothes! I saw a shirt that will be perfect for Akihiko-senpai, maybe I could tell Mitsuru-senpai to buy it and give it to him. There I bought a new white t-shirt, and a gift for Junpei and Minato. After that, we went to the Fan Store, where Fuuka bought the "Casi Ángeles's show @ Luna Park" DVD, I must remember to disconnect the PlayStation to see the video... Anyway, we went to Munchis and we ate ice cream! I saw a lot of people with colorful clothes, man, that really scared me, and then Fuuka told me that they were "floggers"... maybe I could read about them later.
At 4 pm we decided to come back home, and here I am, in my bedroom, waiting for the others to see the DVD.

Thank you Fuuka!

Damn you, Stupei!

Dec. 29th, 2008 | 12:21 am
location: Own room
mood: angry angry
music: Lucy (Anna Tsuchiya)

Aaargh! I'm so angry! I hate him! Is he doesn't know to do anything else than bother me?!... Well, at least, I've found the positive point to this LJ, I can write and relax myself... but really, it hurts so much... I mean, why he always treat me like a child? I'm not saying that I'm a woman yet... no, Mitsuru-senpai is one, not me... but... it doesn't mean that I'm a little child... I'm a girl, and I ask myself if it is so dificult to understand that... I ask myself if he could see me in that way... what sort of stupid things I'm writting?! I mean... I don't care about how he looks at me in the end.


Well... here I am... *sigh*

Dec. 28th, 2008 | 07:40 pm
location: Own bedroom
mood: optimistic optimistic
music: Baby, I'm your lady (Go Go Girls)

After a long fight with Junpei, he just defeated me ¬¬, and here I am... getting part of a massive page of people who make friends on internet... well, surely this is not that bad than this... weird online games that Minato plays. Comming back to the point of Stupei, he said that I'm not going to survive in a place like this, well... poor boy, he doesn't know that I can with this, and more!

My punishment for losing at this stupid game called... "King of Fighters"?... is to create an user in this strange web that I don't understand at all.

At least, I hope that I could find sense or something to this. Maybe it's not that bad... maybe... T_T

See you soon!

PD: I'm not from an english country, so please forgive my horrible syntax ^^U. I'm from Argentina, a spanish-speaking country.